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A Disabled Veteran Small Business Framing solutions from short jacks to over 80 feet clear spans Comm Photos Row 1

Any style roof

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Chord and web connec-
tions are made using
Double-ShearTM screw
fasteners rather than
traditional plates.

Although these trusses
are lighter than wooden
counterparts, these con-
nections make them ex-
tremely strong and rigid.

Truss to Truss Connections
Royals Rangers Spring Trainning Complex Paseo Company, Pasadena CA
Veterinarian Hospital, Phoenix Az Davis Montham Air Force Base, Tuscon AZ
Reserve Office Park, Chandler AZ W Valley Hospital, Peoria AZ
Camp Smith Fire Station, Honolulu HI Feather Christian Camp, Featherstone Canyon CA

Comm Photos Row 1     Res Photo Row 1

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